On 01/27/16 the House Telecommunications held the first hearing on HB 1904, our 9-1-1 consolidation and funding bill. The hearing went quite well, especially since this is the same committee that passed the bill our last session with an unanimous vote. A number of people appeared to testify in support of the bill. The turnout was very good and included members of the MO Sheriff’s Association, MO Police Chief’s Association, Missouri Visiting Nurses Association, MO Association of Counties, the MO Municipal League, Century Link, A.A.R.P, MO 9-1-1 Director’s Association, MONENA, and of course MOAPCO. Some new faces that appeared were St Charles County EMS, and the Jackson County MO Legislature. Both of those testimonies in favor of the bill are significant as they come from two of the four charter counties.

As was the case last year, there was not a single person there to testify in opposition of the bill. The Telecommunications Committee may meet in Executive Session as early as next week to vote the bill out. The next step in the House is the Select Committee on Utilities, which is the same select committee that heard the bill last year.

In the Senate, there is potential for an initial hearing next week as well. Much is dependent upon another significant bill regarding utility regulation that may come up for a hearing as well. We will let you know as soon as possible. Now it is time for ALL of you to take time to contact your representative and your senator. Please do not think that your phone call or email is not important. Each of you will have a significant impact by making these contacts.

We are off to a great start this session! We will keep you updated as we find out any new details about future hearings that are scheduled.